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30 August 2013 @ 01:23 am
not really feeling witty tonight. hell, i couldn't even get through my statics homework tonight. i figured since i managed to get through the day without collapsing in the damn heat, i deserved a break.

so, i'm almost two weeks into the new semester and i haven't really had any big issues yet. half of my classes are fine and the material makes enough sense. my economics course may become a bit of a pain if my professor keeps up with the poor timing. it's a reversed class, so we do our homework during class and it's kind of a doozy.

some slightly good news, i found out my skin rashes are primarily a case of really bad allergenic eczema. i don't know what i'm allergic to yet, but i do plan to schedule an allergic test during my next break to see if they can figure it out because i am always always itching. i'm almost positive it's something that occurs year around. on some slightly bad-ish news, i haven't been able to stay asleep lately. not sure what's going on but it's driving me nuts and i can't seem to get past it. it's a pain in the ass in the mornings.

from all this, you can probably tell that i have not been writing anything. not even the teen wolf big bang thing. nada. i hate not being able to write anymore, but i can't fathom how much effort it takes out of me and it sucks. i'll try, but i'm probably should stop guaranteeing things.

that's pretty much it i guess??? i have a convention this weekend, dragon con. atlanta is going to be FILLED with thousands of people so it's gonna be awesome. i'm hoping to see the cast of the walking dead tomorrow -fingers crossed-. i only have one cosplay for this con which is kitty pryde/shadowcat from x-men. i plan to wear her for the big marvel universe photoshoot! hopefully stan lee makes an appearance~

uhh i'm pretty sure the next time i make a post, it'll be about the next convention, career fair, more school bullshit, and probably some hopeful blogging news. and of course, internship news (please let there be that).

oh yeah, i got an instagram. it's mostly costume junk tho. will be using that and tumblr to update stuff about dragon con.

11 August 2013 @ 03:17 am


i'm fucking done and it hasn't started yetCollapse )
25 July 2013 @ 01:03 pm
soooooooooooo my dad is weird???

this isn't the first time we've had this convoCollapse )
06 July 2013 @ 05:49 pm
sooooo crunch time at work.

moreso unexpected crunch time. now i know how my parents feel. basically, i planned to go home like two weeks ago from monday to wednesday. there weren't any new shifts popping up and everything was scheduled so i figured it'd be okay. then last week, i was still able to go home from monday to now thursday. then over the course of the week, people started dropping shifts all over the place. and i mean A LOT of shifts got dropped. not only that, but a lot of shifts were put up as well. i didn't pick up any shifts on my days off even though my mom wanted me to but i was pretty sure by monday morning, i'd be a zombie due to multiple before dawn shifts plus office shifts at noon.

not only that, but all the shifts that were being dropped ARE SHIFTS WITH ME. i have a 6:45 - 9:30am shift tomorrow and me plus another girl were the only ones 100% confirmed to  show up. 2 out of 6 people. someone else signed up today but i'm not sure the other three will show up tomorrow. i have another 6:45am shift on monday and six newly hours of possibly debunking beds afterwards. i didn't want another 6:45am shift so i purposely altered my schedule on thursday to avoid it (i got asked today if i could but i really don't want to). i picked up the 6:45am shift on friday though because ngl i feel bad. the worst part is that EVERYONE KEEPS TELLING ME MY SCHEDULE LOOKS LIKE SHIT. so everyone knows i'm gonna be dragging myself by monday. even my supervisor asked me if i wanted to drop any shifts but i said no because i already had some days off and that i even picked up more shifts.

idk what happened this week but seriously,  no one is here and i mean for a whole week. i only know the location of one person and she wasn't assigned any shifts because she put in time off. everyone else was assigned shifts that they are dropping and no one knows why. it's just the same people. we all can't take vacation like that.

i can't even finish this post; i fell asleep like three time already.

and my supervisor posted a clue i cannot. i'm not awake enough for this shit maaaaaaaaaaaan